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Best restaurants in Hà Giang city

Are you thinking about what and where to eat? Sometimes, being around the province for many days with a motorbike can be tiring. Along Hà Giang Loop you can only find noodles and fried rice. And that's boring!

If you are craving good food, we show you the best restaurants in Hà Giang city, the places you can't miss.


  2. DT QUAN


Fresh dough, authentic Italian tomato sauce, and real Western ingredients. Owned by a couple of Vietnamese and Catalan. All made from scratch. It's worth trying the rolled pizza, as they are the first place to do so in Vietnam. They are located at 137 Nguyen Thai Hoc. You can easily find them on Google. They have plenty of good reviews!

If this location is a bit out of reach for you, there's a tempting alternative you mustn't miss – their pizza slices near Ha Giang's bus station. These slices are a homage to the very best American recipes, and with each bite, you'll be transported to the bustling streets of New York in an instant. (LOCATION: PIZZA HERE by the slices)


Discover the city's first Mexican gem, where you'll savor mouthwatering tacos, irresistible chicken wings, nachos, and cheesy fries, all expertly crafted from fresh, authentic ingredients daily. Conveniently located near the bus station, and managed by a charming couple, one American and the other Vietnamese..

3) DT Quan

The greatest Vietnamese cuisine the town has to offer. Fresh, authentic dishes, steeped in age-old recipes hailing from the historic city of Hue. We recommend you try their soup 'banh canh' or their 'banh loc'. Find them here!

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